What can be done to stop the development of Castle Rock?

Much of Castle Rock was zoned in the 1980s, and landowners are legally entitled to develop the land according to previously approved zoning requirements. While Town Council is obligated to honor the legal contracts of the past, there are plans in place for responsible, quality growth. The Castle Rock Vision 2030 and 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan outline policies and goals to continue quality growth and add a diversity of businesses and housing options.

Responsible, quality growth is a combination of many things. It’s having strategic plans in place for water, transportation and public safety to make sure services like emergency response times aren’t compromised by population increases. It’s valuing land conservation, with an average of 30 percent of our community being preserved as open space. And, it’s development codes that require height limitations to protect the incredible views and buffer zones between residential and commercial developments. Most importantly, smart growth is a vision for the future. 

The Town also requires new development to pay impact fees and system development charges to provide revenues to support growth-related infrastructure needs, such as water supply, adding capacity for streets, and building new parks and fire stations.  The Town’s 2020 budget anticipates that the Town will receive more than $14 million in impact fees and over $25.8 million from water-related system development fees. These funds allow for additional Town infrastructure necessitated by growth.

The Town can’t stop Colorado’s growth, but it can insist on quality growth in our community. 

An informative video has been created to explain how the Town plans for growth and quality development. Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6MrpXAnXDM and learn more at CRgov.com/planning.

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