Downtown Mobility Master Plan

Castle Rock is thinking about the future. As development continues Downtown, we know we'll have to think outside the box to ensure residents and visitors can explore one of Castle Rock's most charming destinations - Downtown.
Nightime Downtown with streams of lights indicating traffic
Move around Downtown: a study
In 2017, the Town updated its Transportation Master Plan. During the process to create this 20-year planning document, the Town saw a need to look closer at the Downtown area. 

According to the Transportation Master Plan, Town and private projects will put additional pressure on the existing transportation system. In fact, by 2040 both Wilcox and Perry streets will be at or exceeding transportation capacity. 

But Downtown's charm is important, too, so traditional means to address traffic issues (e.g. roadway/intersection widening) don’t apply. That's why the Town is working on a Downtown Mobility Master Plan.

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  1. The latest

    Feedback has been important as the Town has worked through this project. The Town hosted a workshop in June 2018. A video of that event is posted on this page. Additionally, the Town hosted an open house in October 2018 to gather feedback, as well as solicited online comments.

    The public will have a chance to weigh in once more when the draft Downtown Mobility Master Plan is presented to Town Council for consideration:

    6 p.m. Tuesday, June 18
    Town Hall, 100 N. Wilcox St.

About the plan

The plan builds off of the completed Transportation Master Plan and the Downtown Parking Study by looking at other means to maintain mobility Downtown. Town staff has studied existing and future multimodal conditions, examined the built environment, and developed alternative means to address future mobility while still keeping Downtown a place where people want to come and spend time.

Strategies include transportation demand management, nontraditional intersection design, bike and pedestrian improvements, and potential policy and code changes. Kimley-Horn and Assoc. assisted staff in completing the study and developing an implementable action plan.

View the Downtown Mobility Master Plan.