Douglas Lane Tributary Stabilization

Stormwater improvements


To manage stormwater runoff, minimize flood hazards and improve water quality, improvements are scheduled for the Douglas Lane Tributary near Crosshaven Place. The project also includes improvements to the Heckendorf Regional Detention Pond near the new fire station on Crystal Valley Parkway. This pond is being improved to properly release detained stormwater within 120 hours following a storm event as prescribed by State statute.


  • March - June 2018, weather permitting
  • Work hours are Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


  • All driveway access, streets and bike paths will remain open during construction, though residents should expect construction traffic
  • Environmental considerations include minimal tree removal and root support along the drip line of existing trees
  • Disturbed and eroded areas will be reseeded to restore native vegetation
  • Detention pond will be drained during construction and restored to a small, permanent pool of water


  • This project is funded by the Town of Castle Rock Stormwater Management Program
  • Lawrence Construction Company has been contracted for this project
Update May 1, 2018

Construction of the Douglas Lane Tributary Stabilization improvements are underway. Sheetpile cutoff walls have been installed and progress is being made on the grouted boulder drop structures (picture). Additional channel and detention pond work will occur over the next several weeks. Weather permitting, the project will be completed in July 2018, as scheduled. Extra effort continues to be made to minimize impacts to mature trees and woody vegetation

Douglas Lane Trib sheetpile
Douglas Lane Tributary Stormwater project Map