Your Storage Centers Proposal

Annexation Proposal

The applicant, Cactus Moon Maizeland, LLC, has submitted to the Town of Castle Rock an Annexation application for unincorporated property in Douglas County, known as Your Storage Center of Castle Rock Annexation.

The property is located along the I-25 Frontage Road between Brookside Circle and S. Perry Street and is approximately 1.5 acres in size (See map below).

Status and Events

  1. For a status update, please contact Donna Ferguson, Planner II
    at 720-733-3566 or

Current zoning and use

Under the jurisdiction of Douglas County, the property is zoned Rural Residential (RR). The RR zone district permits single-family uses as well as community uses such as churches, fire stations, libraries, parks, etc. The property is currently undeveloped.



The applicant is proposing to annex a 1.5 acre property into the Town of Castle Rock. Once annexed, the applicant proposed to combined it with an adjacent property (to the east), and then zone the combined property into a Planned Development Plan that will permit self-storage & a variety of commercial and light industrial uses.   

Your_Storage_Vicinity_Map 2.1.18

What’s the process?

Annexation proposals like this one must follow a state-mandated process, defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes.

That process begins with Town Council determining if the annexation application meets statutory requirements to start the Town annexation process. Then, public hearings can begin in order to determine if the property should be annexed to the Town.

To aid in Council’s decision-making, staff reviews the project and studies the potential impacts on Town roads, water and overall levels of service. Input is also gathered from other agencies such as Douglas County, local service providers, nearby Homeowners Associations and the Colorado Department of Transportation. The Town’s goal is to ensure every application matches the community's vision and makes technical sense.  

Once the review process is complete, the applicant must go through a series of public hearings before the Planning Commission and Town Council.      

Your Storage Centers of Castle Rock Annexation Process

Step Date Related Link
Substantial Compliance Hearing July 18, 2017 Staff Report and Resolution
Eligibility Hearing September 5, 2017 Staff Report and Resolution

Documents and more information

At each step of the process the applicant is required to provide numerous documents which you may review here.  Please note that some of these documents, due to their size, may take a few minutes to download.

If you would like a hard copy of any of these documents, please contact Development Services at 303-660-1393 or by e-mail

Applicant Contact Information

Michael S. Humphrey, Your Storage Centers LLC
2407 Morningview Trail
Castle Rock CO 80109