Water Quality Report

Our goal is to provide you with a safe and reliable supply of drinking water. Castle Rock's water quality reports or “consumer confidence reports” are produced annually to describe the overall quality of water from its raw collection and storage to the treated purity at your tap. We are pleased to report Castle Rock had no violations or formal enforcement actions for the current reporting period. 
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No lead issues in Castle Rock

You may have heard some cities in the United States having issues with lead in their water. However, Castle Rock does not have any such issues. 

Lead is not found in the distributed water, but enters the water through contact with plumbing pipes and fixtures within the home. It does this by leaching through the corrosion of pipes, solder, faucets and fittings.

Castle Rock Water is required by state and federal regulations to conduct periodic lead and copper testing. Samples are collected from indoor taps in designated single family homes built between 1982 and 1986. These homes have been identified because they were built during the time-frame when lead-based solder was more widely used. Since Castle Rock started this sampling back in 1992, there have been no elevated levels of either lead or copper from the random samples collected.

Because Castle Rock Water is a national leader in the water industry, we frequently do more than state and national regulations require. Currently, we are expanding our pool of sample sites and providing in-home testing for select homes built before 1987. We do not anticipate finding any elevated levels of lead and are providing this service as a proactive measure in accordance with Castle Rock Water’s high standards.

If you believe your home might contain lead plumbing materials and would like to participate in the sampling program, please complete the in-home lead testing form and you will be contacted. Residents can also contact the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Laboratory Services Division at 303-692-3090 or Colorado.gov/CDPHE where water testing is available for a small fee at any time.


While this process will be new to our customers, many municipal and private water providers across the United States and Canada have used this safe, effective disinfectant for more than 90 years. Denver and surrounding communities, for example, have been using chloramine-treated water since 1917, because they have renewable water systems that require this process. 

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