WISE Water Local Infrastructure Project

Outter Marker Road pipeline

Securing the Town's long-term water future is a top priority for Castle Rock Water. Soon a big connection in the long-term water plan will be accomplished when the first drops of WISE (Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency) water make their way to Castle Rock. Construction on the local infrastructure of this South Metro WISE Authority regional project began in December 2016. Once connected to the regional pipelines, Castle Rock will see renewable water imported from northern sources by early 2018.

The more than 5 miles of pipeline will be constructed within an existing Xcel Energy utility easement from the Parker Water and Sanitation District distribution system at Outter Marker Road to the Ray Waterman Regional Water Treatment Center. Completion of the approximately $14 million pipeline is scheduled for fall 2017.

Most of the construction is occurring within an existing electrical utility easement. However, construction will cross several roads requiring some of these roads to be temporarily closed. Detour signage will be posted throughout the area(s). All roads and disrupted areas will be restored to their original condition. Water service should not be interrupted.
Project Location Map

Castle Oaks Estate construction

Access to the Castle Oaks Estates Dog Bone Park may be limited at times. Portions of Desert Ridge Circle and Castle Oaks Drive will be crossed with an open cut but access will only be restricted for short periods of time. Autumn Sage will have construction activity only as the road is being bored underneath and not cut.
Roads crossed by open cut

Temporary road closures scheduled for August 2017

Project update: Aug. 24, 2017

The southern section of Desert Ridge Circle will be closed Sept. 5 to Sept. 8.

The northern section of Desert Ridge Circle will be closed Sept. 11 to Sept. 15.

Autumn Sage Street will not be closed. Holes are being bored under the road to place the pipeline without disruption to the street.

Castle Oaks Drive at Autumn Sage construction has been completed.