Third and Perry Streets Intersection

As Castle Rock thrives, and amenities are improved, it’s important that infrastructure keeps up with demand.

That’s why the Town evaluated options for the intersection of Third and Perry streets in Downtown Castle Rock.

The need

The Town is working in partnership with Downtown to enhance Festival Park, at Second and Perry streets, into an urban center. The Town has hired a consultant, and is working on the redesign of the park.

As part of this exciting project set to open in 2017, the intersection of Second and Perry streets will close. That means more cars using Third and Perry streets. Learn more about the Festival Park redesign.  

A new roundabout

There are a variety of ways to keep traffic moving through an intersection. After gathering feedback from area business owners, the Town chose a roundabout.

The research

Read details in our Staff Memo, or visit our web page on roundabouts

What’s next? 

The Town is working on the final design. Once the design of the intersection is complete, we will have details on construction timing and related traffic control.

Overall, the Town intends to gain parking spaces for Downtown, and every effort will be made to minimize disruption to businesses and the traveling public. To maintain safety throughout the project, some night work and lane closures may be necessary. 

Stay informed

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Learn more

Research related to roundabout and traffic signal