Plum Creek Parkway

From Founders Village to Downtown, Plum Creek Parkway is a key roadway that connects motorists to neighborhoods around Town. As part of its Transportation Master Plan, the Town is investing in the widening of Plum Creek Parkway, east of Gilbert Street. The project will add two new east bound lanes and two roundabouts. The existing pavement between Gilbert and Eaton streets will also be reconstructed.

Timeline and phasing

Construction on the roundabout and phase one of the widening ­ – between Gilbert Street and Eaton Circle –  began in fall / winter 2019, starting first with underground utility work. Construction in the roadway will begin in spring / summer 2020, following completion of the utility work, and is anticipated to wrap up by the end of that year. The second phase of construction (widening of Plum Creek from Eaton Street to North Ridge Road) is tentatively set for 2021, depending on prioritization of available funding.

These improvements were defined in the Town’s Transportation Master Plan. Reducing congestion in the area has been a priority for Town Council. Learn more about that plan and read the document at