Life and Eagle Scout Projects

POST Partners offers opportunities for Boy Scouts wishing to complete a project toward the rank of Eagle or Life Scout. Interested individuals must complete an Eagle and Life Scout application. Scouts must be at least 15 years old at time of application and / or a minimum of 90 days away from turning 18 in order to be considered for a project. 

Individuals selected to complete a project must submit a statement of commitment and Eagle Project write-up for approval. Upon acceptance, the POST Partners volunteer coordinator will schedule a meeting with the applicant and will review the Eagle Scout program packet. Upon project completion, rosters and waivers are required to be submitted along with your final project write-up. Project write-ups must include a final material list and costs.

Available Projects for 2017

  • All of the projects that we had available for 2017 have been spoken for and are in process. Feel free to contact us regarding being put on a contact list for any further projects that may come up before the end of this year.
  • Castle Rock Community Garden at Glover Park - Decorative planters, or brick edging hardscape installation.
Have your own idea? Contact us for project approval. If you are still in need of a project sponsor, contact us, and we may be able to assist you in locating an agency that has space or a project available.

Life and Star rank projects

  • Silt and barbed wire fence removal
  • Acquired land debris cleanup 
  • Fence staining and repair
  • Trail corridor clearing 
  • Shed painting

Supporting the scouts

The POST Partners Program has a long history of providing support to the Boy Scouts of America in their pursuit of the rank of Life or Eagle Scouts. Check out what value Scouts have added to the community in 2015 below. 

Tanner Elliott, Troop 637

Construction and installation of four split-log benches along Stewart Trail at Ridgeline Open Space – Tanner Elliott, from Troop 637 in Sedalia (100 hours). One of the unique things that happened during the course of Tanner’s project was the incorporation of making one of his benches a memorial bench for the Newell family and the family helping out with his project installation.

Joe Gabrielse, Troop 780

A trail reclamation project in the un-named open space parcel behind Castle Rock Elementary School (104 hours) - Joe Gabrielse, from Troop 780. As part of that overall plan, POST has been working with several Eagle Scouts over the last two years to reclaim eroded portions of the trails and forge new segments that are more sustainable. Joe was also awarded the Hornaday Award from the Boy Scout of America Denver Area Council for his reclamation efforts. 

Luke Rynearson, Troop 760

Boy Scout Luke Rynearson from Troop 760 organized a trash clean-up in East Plum Creek following the monsoon rains. The increased water level and flow subsequently eroded into an old dump site along the creek, dumping cases full of plastic sheets and bags long the creek near the confluence. Forty-eight volunteers helped collect and dig out trash in the creek bed and sand bars. They collected 58 bags of trash, as well as many other miscellaneous debris items. Both concerned community members and troop members participated in the endeavor (171 hours).

Preston Smith

Boy Scout Preston Smith, from the LDS Troop in The Meadows, completed an Eagle Scout Project for the Community Garden at Glovers Park by building two new picnic benches for visitors to use.

To date, Boy Scouts representing the following Troops from all over the South Metro area have partnered with the Town for their Eagle Scout Projects:

  • Troop 62
  • Troop 260
  • Troop 261
  • Troop 316
  • Troop 332
  • Troop 365
  • Troop 451
  • Troop 465
  • Troop 633
  • Troop 637
  • Troop 760
  • Troop 764
  • Troop 765
  • Troop 768
  • Troop 780

Contributing to the community

Since 2006 the Town has worked with more than 70 Boy Scouts whose projects have made the following contributions to Castle Rock:
  • Bat House construction and installation
  • Colorado Bluebird Project nest-box construction and monitoring 
  • Creek trash clean-up after flooding event 
  • Fitness route creation and mapping 
  • Golf course tee boxes 
  • Landscaping improvements 
  • Mural design and painting 
  • Open space signage construction and improvements 
  • Picnic benches 
  • Rock cairn construction 
  • Split log benches 
  • Tile painting and installation 
  • Trail creation and restoration
  • Water crossings and bridge construction