Outdoor Programs

Throughout the year, the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of outdoor programs for all ages. Get out and explore everything Colorado has to offer! From breathtaking views at 14,000 feet to a local hike near your own backyard, Colorado has something for everyone. Check out our seasonal outdoor adventure offerings.

  1. Winter
  2. Fall
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

Guided Forest Therapy

Research shows that visits to natural places have real health benefits. Experience the healing and wellness of Shinrin-Yoku: the practice of bathing the senses in nature. Learn the basics on a quiet, contemplative walk that integrates gratitude, reflection and creativity. Note: Instructor will notify participants of location prior to class. Registration closes at 5pm the day before the event.

Come prepared with appropriate clothing layers for the weather and water.

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Local Hikes

We offer weekly morning hikes and some weekend ones throughout the year. Take advantage of the great trails in and around Castle Rock and Douglas County. We will also hike to spots in Conifer and Palmer Lake, just about anything within about a one hour drive. Most of these hikes are designated as easy, and are 2.5-4 miles long with not much elevation gain. Moderate hikes may have some steep hills and will be 3.5-8 miles long. In the winter, just grab your snowshoes instead of your hiking boots!

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