Financial Information

Responsible care and reporting

The Town practices responsible care for its assets and is committed to achieving the financial capability necessary to ensure progress toward its Strategic Priorities. On this page, we strive to provide accurate and timely financial reports that offer honest, direct communication regarding Town finances.



Financial reporting

Financial transactions

*Checks issued by the Town
Other transaction formats will be included in the future.

Unclaimed property

Pursuant to §14.04.060 of the Castle Rock Municipal Code, notice is hereby given identifying all non-negotiated (un-cashed) checks issued by the Town of Castle Rock deemed to be at least 180 days old from the date of issuance. In order to make a claim on a non-negotiated check, please select the appropriate form: If you have questions, please contact Christie Guthrie, Accounting Manager, at (303) 660-1347 or

Pay tables



If you have questions about a transaction, please call 720-733-2227.