It’s simple. It’s smart.

Living in Colorado's semi-arid environment, water conservation and efficiency is a way of life. While Castle Rock Water is working diligently to secure more water for the community, one of the biggest ways to protect our water future is to conserve the water we have. The small, everyday decisions all of us make, can add up to huge water savings. It’s simple. It’s smart.

The Water Efficiency Master Plan (formerly the Water Conservation Master Plan) includes individualized water budgets and seasonal watering restrictions. These programs, along with several others, have helped the Town save 20 percent in overall water usage. You can help Castle Rock Water reach its goal of cutting back another 18 percent by using water efficiently.

Winning posters from Mayor's Challenge 2018

Check out our landscaping tips, educational workshops and rebate programs at place for Castle Rock-specific water conservation! 

Not up for a big landscaping project? Learn more about a Town registered landscaper who has committed to be more water wise.